My Top Memories as an English Teacher for a Year!

When I arrived in a new country expected to teach a variety of students English when I could hardy string a sentence in Spanish myself, I can't deny that the task seemed a little daunting. Thrown in the deep end scared I was going to sink, this approach actually made me step up my game... Continue Reading →


Adios Espanya👋🇪🇸

Tonnes of goodbyes, last minute fun, unbelievable food, and all you can pack into your last 6 weeks of living in Spain. Nearly three weeks have gone by since I landed back in England and it’s about time I update and finish my blog (I’m pretty useless at this malarkey). The last six weeks saw... Continue Reading →

One hell of a storm

Buenas… It’s been a jam-packed month and a fair bit has gone on since we last spoke. Now I’ve got less than two months before I’m home and I have so much to squeeze into this time; the last opportunity to soak up that Spanish sun (now that it’s finally coming out) and embrace that... Continue Reading →

A delayed Feliz año nuevo

It’s a New Year, so new beginnings (a year that has finally granted us with wifi!!) And whilst January is already coming to an end (I don’t understand how time moves so quickly) I am always late on publishing posts that this one is still in the theme of a Happy New Year or should... Continue Reading →

A lot can happen in 2 months…

Hola, Don’t worry, I am still alive despite the lack of communication via blogs! Partly because of the busy nature at work, making the most of my free weekends and the lack of wifi we have in our flat… The last month has been pretty tough. Whilst I’ve had some amazing visitors and had some... Continue Reading →

Over a month on….

Buenas tardes, Once again, I’ve been having way too much fun to keep my posts a regular thing, already a month has gone by since the last blog, that’s crazy! One minute I feel like time is going by so quickly but in the same way I feel as though I have been here for... Continue Reading →

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