A lot can happen in 2 months…

Hola, Don’t worry, I am still alive despite the lack of communication via blogs! Partly because of the busy nature at work, making the most of my free weekends and the lack of wifi we have in our flat… The last month has been pretty tough. Whilst I’ve had some amazing visitors and had some... Continue Reading →


Over a month on….

Buenas tardes, Once again, I’ve been having way too much fun to keep my posts a regular thing, already a month has gone by since the last blog, that’s crazy! One minute I feel like time is going by so quickly but in the same way I feel as though I have been here for... Continue Reading →

A crazy couple of weeks…

Hola 👋 Apologies for taking longer than I had intended to get this post out. So much has happened in the last two weeks since I’ve arrived in Barcelona that I’ve hardly had the chance to sit down and write. But I’ve taken advantage of this gorgeous sunny weather during my 3-day weekend to go find... Continue Reading →

Maisie’s epileptic experience

3 months ago, I was unaware that dogs could suffer from epilepsy. It wasn't until my dog experienced a seizure that I became familiar with this condition. I'm lucky that I haven't witnessed Maisie lose control as I know I'd feel helpless when unable to comfort her. Instead I was made aware that she had... Continue Reading →

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